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1993 Art - Sue Kallerges
1993 - Sue Kallerges
1995 Art - Sue Kallerges
1995 - Sue Kallerges
1996 Art - Sue Kallerges
1996 - Sue Kallerges
Westfield River Whitewater Races 2018 - The oldest continuously run canoe race in the US

Schedule of Prizes

Prizes for the Novice Race are souvenir wooden paddle trophies and are awarded five places deep in all classes except Jr/Sr Male and Jr/Sr Female, which are awarded ten places deep.

Pro Race Awards

Prizes for all classes will be similar to recent years. For the full schedule, please see the souvenir booklet.

All prizes must be claimed at the awards ceremony by at least one member of the winning team. No prize money will be mailed. Awards will take place between 4 PM and 5 PM at Strathmore Park. All boats in the Pro class must be measured prior to the start of the race. Boat width must equal 16% of the length. ABS hulls only and 17' maximum length. Pro class start order will be determined by lottery. For more information contact Ed Smith at 413-636-2397